Video of International Conference of Green Computing and Engineering Technology

Chair Message of ICGCET-2015 Dubai Conference:

As a chair I have the honor to welcome you with great respect and enthusiasm to the International Conference on Green Computing and Engineering Technology ICGCET-2015 to be held at Radisson Royal Hotel, Dubai on 25 – 26 July 2015.

It is the first conference hosted by Gyancity Research Lab and as a founder member I hope that we will continue to provide such forums in future as well. ICGCET intended to attract
innovative technical and scientific work in the field of Green Computing Engineering Technology. The response to the conference was over whelming and I am proud to state that we have really good quality contributions and I am sure as a participant you will share the same sentiment later.
As a chair and on behalf of the organizing committee I sincerely hope that ICGCET will offer a great venue at
Dubai to the participants coming from different parts of the world to share and contribute in the area of
Green Computing Engineering Technologies. We hope to provide a good platform to the participants of
ICGCET where not only they meet together and share their vision and ideas but also fertilize their thoughts in
the ever-growing field of Green Computing Engineering Technologies.
I am also confident that our keynote speakers will be able to enrich your knowledge during the conference
and I wish you a very pleasant and enjoyable stay in Dubai.
Best wishes.

D. M. Akbar Hussain,
Aalborg University Denmark.

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