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This is the Rawlemon Spherical Solar Energy Generator discovered by German architect André Broessel. This is 35% more efficient than current solar panels and is able to operate on cloudy days. It concentrates light by 10,000 times.

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  • Mohammad Shajalal says:

    Renewable power is energy that is produced from natural procedures that are
    consistently refreshed. This includes sunshine, geothermal energy heat,

  • hogo1 says:

    wonder how much energy it took to mine, refine, melt, remform, grind,
    polish, then transport that huge fucking ball of glass? 

  • Jacket Yellow says:

    You sure it’s not a high-powered laser sentry tower?
    Some hybrid of a prism tower and a Telsa coil?

  • Solomon TheCursedOne says:


  • Robert Bernal says:

    Really cool looking (and energy intensive) object). I imagine that it took
    months for that giant glass sphere to anneal…
    Do you really think that solar can power an industrial planet? Have you
    done the math? It will take about 250,000 sq mi for it to power just HALF
    of the expected population at just HALF the American standard!. It will
    also take a lot more storage than… NUCLEAR. Get real, learn about and
    promote the best nuclear reactor design for global deployment.
    Do you really want our kids to suffer fossil fueled depletion into an
    overheated biosphere? If not, promote nuclear, pure and simple!

  • Santiago Rivas says:

    Great invention hope it goes to mass production.

  • DrSid42 says:

    I bet for casting that large ball of glass you use more energy that this
    can produce for it’s lifetime. Also we don’t want to close nuclear power
    plants, as they make very clean energy. We want to close gas and coal power
    plants. But guess what .. for backing up unreliable solar power, we
    actually need more gas power plants ! Tricky right ?
    What we need is more investment into cheaper and safer nuclear power, for
    example thorium breeder reactors and other new technologies.

  • cq33xx says:

    the regular solar panels as it is stable today are enough efficient and
    cheap, i’m not saying what you do is in vain, but i believe that solar
    technology needs RND in the materials that produse the energy and not more
    robotics, there is no reason to add mechanical parts in to something like
    pv which can work without any mechanicals

    can u make a panel of 50% energy transform… and produce it with an enough
    cheap way so the people can have it? then go ahead

    If you do be careful because you may get kill

  • Keith troller says:

    why not just make one stand below so it could rotate any way it wants
    without any problem

  • Ahmad El-khatib says:

    Why an expensive glass sphere…why not just a simple mirror..?

  • Charles Nelson says:

    I am concerned that too many panels will deplete the amount of solar heat
    in the earth’s atmosphere causing a new ice age. That energy has to come
    from somewhere and if we’re turning it into electrical power to run our
    gadgets and our wasteful western lifestyle there may not be enough left
    over to keep the planet warm.

  • Joseph Gatto says:

    It seems INCREDIBLY expensive for a 35% efficiency improvement. If the cost
    isn’t LESS than the cost of 35% more solar cells why bother?


    this isn’t new simple timing devices were used 40 yrs ago to follow/track
    the sun

  • Epicnerd73 says:

    With this, solar road ways, wind farms etc, we may be able to completely
    wipe out fossil fuels!! Stop talking about them and start actually building
    them! Get them everywhere!

  • stefano dainese says:
  • NEXON94 Production says:

    Expensive i guess.

  • dhaval oza says:

    RAWLEMON an optical solution for energy saving

  • valveman12 says:

    It’s a magnifying glass so how is this more efficient?

  • mojokiss says:

    yeah 10,000 times if you measure at the focal point. it still takes up a
    lot of space and only harnesses the light of it’s profile. but with all
    that said, the shape is revolutionary, more so than the power, because the
    shape allows the sun to shine at any angle without having to adjust the
    pitch and roll of the condenser. 

  • johnstarr2001 says:

    LoL marbles on a solar panel do the same.

  • CharlesDourdy says:

    pet peeve here, maybe I’m a grammar a$$hat, but solar is not “renewable”
    energy. There needs to be a cycle for something to be called renewed.
    Unless we find a way to put matter back into the sun to be used as fuel for
    further solar reactions and re-radiation, then there is no cycle, therefore
    not “renewable”.

  • GTIBully says:

    Many are oblivious to the fact there are currently many thousands of solar
    powered cars on the road today. Ethanol is a solar fuel. Plants convert sun
    light to sugars and starches which is made into ethanol fuel.

  • Grumpy Koala says:

    There is a basic logical fallacy here. If you take the solar energy
    falling on a square meter of the earth and focus it on a smaller area you
    have reduced the size of the solar cell required to collect the energy. But
    you still need the square meter of sun light. It is only an efficiency
    gain if the whole apparatus (square meter of solar cell versus small cell
    and focusing apparatus) is cheaper or involves less resources than the

    I suspect that on this basis the square meter of solar cell wins over the
    “ball” lens and solar cell.

  • lildeanturbonc says:

    I think too many of the folks commenting are missing the point, we need to
    work together as a human interface to explore better solutions, people !
    LISTEN we are killing our planet we must act now to reduce pollution,and
    produce enough energy and food for humanity.To those who want to continue
    using coal and nuclear energy,you must not live near where coal ash spills
    in drinking water supplies and constant warning sirens of local nuclear
    plants effect your daily life!!!!

  • Passed High School Physics says:

    There are other problem with the facts int he video too. By focusing the
    light energy onto the solar panels the temperature is increased and the
    efficiency decreases.

    As the position of the sun changes, doesn’t the amount of energy hitting
    the PV panel change? Seems to me it would be just as efficient to have
    multiple solar panels pointing in different directions than one polished

    Why do they knock nuclear? It’s clean, and in the terms used in the video,
    “renewable” (yes I know neither one is), but it’s 100% natural and doesn’t
    pollute when recycled.

    I would think he would want to compare it to coal, which is contributing to
    global warming, global dimming, and his killed more people and polluted
    more land than nuclear.

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