Smart Emissions Reducer Green Technology Vehicle Retrofit Product Introduction

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The SMART Emissions Reducer from Smart Air Fuel Saver LLC and Extreme Energy Solutions Inc. is helping trucking companies, passenger services, state and local municipalities and private individuals all over the country. It drastically reduces vehicle emissions while boosting engine performance, reducing maintenance costs and improving MPG, all at the same time!

The SMART Emissions Reducer

Costs less than 0 installed on most cars and trucks
Only takes about an hour to install on most cars and trucks
Works for all combustion engines: gas, diesel, propane, etc.
Is backed by a 90 day satisfaction guarantee
Is non-invasive on the engine, has no moving parts and Does Not void manufacture warranties.
Drastically reduces harmful emissions and lessens your carbon footprint
Helps get high emission vehicles and big rigs back into environmental compliance
Improves engine performance and horsepower
Increases gas mileage and fuel economy
Lessens engine maintenance requirements and costs
Increases longevity of the engine
Provides a good return on investment, taking only 3-9 months average to recoup the cost
Lasts for at least 7 years or more
Promotes the shift to a more sustainable, green future

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