Russia: GenerationS scientists show off next-gen green tech

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M/S Show floor
M/S Woman
M/S Audience
C/U Men in the audience
M/S Person giving a presentation
SOT, Artem Sotnikov (Russian): “Absorbents are in powder form or in the form of fibrous material. Such absorbents are not effective in ice conditions in the case of oil spill. Their efficiency is very low. We have a liquid substance. It is much easier to spray on an oil slick.”
C/U Vial labelled ‘BioMicroGel’
M/S Exhibition booth
M/S Display stall
SOT, Elena Levina (Russian): “I imagine the project nanotech, second life thermal equipment. Our technology cleans the scum and sediment in pipes, thermal equipment, boiler equipment, heating systems with the help of genetically modified bacteria. It is safe, very effective, and – which is most important – it is eco-friendly. With this bacterium, we do not harm the environment and equipment.”
M/S Levina holding up metal objects
C/U Small bottles containing different materials


Moscow played host to some of Russia’s new start-up companies at the GenerationS ‘innovation forum’ on Wednesday. The companies are all working to solve environmental problems, with one of the most impressive being the BioMicroGels process to separate water from oil, petroleum and metallic ions which can be used to clean up large oil spills.

BioMicroGels work like any absorbent, with the added benefit of being able to function at low temperatures. This makes them ideal for dealing with oil spills on ice, something which had so far been extremely difficult to accomplish.

The five finalists of the GreenTech section gathered alongside international investors, experts and industry leaders. The best of the CleanTech projects will be shown off at the CleanTech Open Global Forum in California in November.

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