ProInfinity Green – Putting Mat – 4 Speed Green Technology with Ball Traces

Perfect your putting on any green speed or surface. Practice any type of putt with perfect strokes.

ProInfinity Putting Green Features

The PROINFINITY Putting Mat is the ultimate premium mat to simulate actual putting green conditions.

This advanced putting green has 4 different putting speeds, a true-roll surface and movable foam wedges to vary the mats putting angles. It also comes with a life-like silicon hole which can be placed anywhere on the mat for all kinds of practice. The ball leaves a trail on the mat which allows for analysis of each putt. With numerous training exercises & games, this perfect roll out mat will improve your feel, alignment and consistency in any putting scenario and will be great for fun competitions and games with friends and family.

4 speed putting mat

4 Speed Green Technology

The 4 speeds vary from 8 (typical green speeds) to 12.5 (Masters Tournament green speeds). The speed depends on whether the polyester fiber have been brushed high or flat with the supplied mat roller. You can putt in the fiber direction or against it.

Putting Mat with Foam Wedges & Ball Traces

Foam Wedges & Ball Tracing Technology

6 foam wedges to create any custom break configuration and for practice uphill, downhill, left or right. Visible ball tracing technology to help you analyse and improve your shots. Eraser rod for easy ball trace removal.

Putting mat specifications

Includes :

4 speed putting mat with ball traces
Silicon cup
6 movable foam wedges
Ball backstop and ball trace-eraser
20 pages training book

Size : 10ft x 20in – 3m L x 0.5m W

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