Nexen Technology

NEXEN’s pioneering ways have led to the development of Korea’s first V-shaped directional tires, patented nano-technology and our award winning Green Hive concept tire. NEXEN is committed to ongoing research and development of future tire technologies utilizing cutting-edge equipment to ensure safety, value and performance with an environmentally gentle approach.

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  • Manny A. Torres says:

    I have a fiat turbo and sell to my customers from hotels and casinos in the
    Carib who come to visit me in weston Florida …….. Wow ….I could make
    a lot of money for nexen…..and me instead of ordering michelins or
    pirelli….come on nexen, get ahold of me and make me an offer !
    Manny Torres / Torres & Torres — Intl. Auto Group /
    [email protected]

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