New Invention – ACE 1: No Smoke Stove, Clean, green cooking and device charging

Clean, green cooking and device charging wherever you are. Together we can save lives, reduce poverty and stop deforestation.
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Introducing the ACE 1 Ultra-Clean Biomass Cookstove, a piece of ingenious engineering that will ignite your outdoor adventures while making a vast global impact on health, the environment and poverty. This portable stove brings smoke-free and off-grid technology to those who need it, and joy to those who seek it.

So this is a Powerful Stove…

Whether it’s your camp stove that runs out of gas or your bbq that’s too big to move, too slow to heat up, or too smoky, cooking outdoors is great fun but can also be a hassle.

The ACE 1’s power can ignite picnics in the park, perform soundly at music festivals, cozy up your camping trips and bring backyard parties back to life for you and your friends.

Its power can fuel outstanding cooking adventures.

The ACE 1 burns biomass and then uses the sun’s energy to make it burn without smoke at an incredibly high efficiency. This speeds up cooking time, uses much less fuel and lowers carbon emissions. With its built-in battery and included solar panel, the ACE 1 also provides a convenient source of electricity in remote areas.

Easy to transport at 4.6 kg / 10.1 lbs, so your culinary adventures can continue to stretch borders.

It burns all biomass, so you can easily find or buy fuel from sustainable sources.

Because it is smokeless – unlike a fire or barbecue – everyone can gather around the chef without getting smoke in their eyes or clothes.

It’s a source of power for your phone, speakers, radio or LED light (included) using the solar-chargeable, built-in battery with USB and DC port.

Quick & easy clean-up when you’re done. Close to 100% combustion, so it burns fuel fully. You’re left with a teaspoon of ashes, which can be tipped onto the ground as added soil nutrients. We had to do something about the part nobody likes.

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