• moneymagnetelizabeth says:

    You should also cover this!!!! Will insurance go up? And, will people have
    to modify panels for safety? Increasing costs and providing no savings.
    Solar panels a hazard for firefighters

  • Ame3thyst3 says:

    Too many OLD PEOPLE = OLD MONEY are vested in oil, gas, and nuclear
    ANYTHING. They don’t want change.
    Unless they get a TAX CREDIT of course.

  • SuReLyUJeSt1 says:

    Green Revolution = NWO mass genocide

    Georgia Guidestones – maintain humanity under 500 million

    You and I are their enemies! 

  • Chelsi871 says:

    Obama ordered 34 million green cards AND work permits for his 2015 illegal
    alien amnesty. Guess what, he lied to us AGAIN when he said it was for 5
    million. I think California citizens and legal immigrants need to start
    protesting and file lawsuits against those entities that are allowing
    illegals to obtain these benefits. Also, file a lawsuit anytime an illegal
    commits DWI, child abuse, fraud on (foodstamps, WIC, Section 8); drives a
    car; gets Earned Income Credit fraudulently. Because as Americans, we
    should NOT have to pay for their food, diapers, medical, dental, baby car
    seat, milk/juice, housing!!! Our tax dollars are being used to pay for
    their bills. They are NOT in the “shadows”. They are in YOUR face calling
    you racist cause you know the truth about what they are doing. When the
    illegal alien mom applies for foodstamps she does not provide her correct
    income nor does she put down the father’s name and income. This is how they
    qualify. When the foodstamp representative checks her, no new vehicle pops
    up because the new Hummer and truck are in the father’s name or the baby’s
    name or a legal friend’s name (he got paid). And how can her income be
    checked since she has no social security card. Hence, they will ALWAYS
    qualify for these benefits. How do you think they have money to buy new
    vehicles, ranch land, extravagant 15 year old parties for their kids, and
    send thousands to momma? Cause they are riding on our backs. Get them off.
    Jerry Brown is NOT the problem; the problem are the people who elected
    him!!! Wake up! OUR country is being TRASHED by 3rd world country people
    who came to TAKE.

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