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Answer: Green technology is a technology in which sustainability is a goal. This means that when the technology was developed and is now being used it serves the purpose of accomplishing something either common (like for instance industrial waste water treatment) or specifically developed in order to “green” something. Green technologies are growing in more popularity every year. A teacher of mine from a few years ago developed his own type of green technology when he worked with an industrial plant treating their waste water. Here he developed a way to remove mercury from the water to a very high percentage however he also managed to do so in a way that the mercury could be reused. Therefore eliminating the need to continuously be using mercury at the plant-the amount they had was sustainable for their operations.


  • Jeffrey Cole says:

    Green Technologies is a code word for trying to do what has been tired before and failed, is ten to five hundred times more expensive, and generally causes more problems than they solve. The stated intent is to save the planet and humanity from man made CO2, which is only a hoax, myth, scam, and/or urban legend.

  • david says:

    The field of “green technology” encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Scott says:

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  • Alex says:

    With the climate change topic, there came lot of technologies that wanted to take over the traditional methods to generate power. Green technologies are something that are more towards sustainable. Their main aim is to reduce the CO2 effect – green gas effect. Here are some of the Six of the most promising new green power technologies

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