Green Screen Technology

Green screening – otherwise known as chroma keying – is a big trick in the video production trade. This video explains the basics behind the magic.

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With the power of green screen and keying you can do almost anything. But how does this all work?

Green screen technology is what we in the media industry call Chroma keying. That is picking a single colour, in this case green, and making that colours value transparent therefore removing it, allowing another image to show through.

But why Green? It is used because of contrast. In order to remove one area from the rest of the background, the colour must stand out and be distinctively different. Blue also works, however it is a commonly worn so green is a better option. After all we don’t want to pierce a hole through the subject or make them invisible all together.

Now you have this knowledge you can begin to use green screen. Whether it’s to deliver a message like a testimonial or product review, Hollogram can help. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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