Green Night Rage Backpack by Underground-Technology. Motorcycle Backpack with Lights.

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Underground Technology® (UT) has made its name in the Motorcycle world by bringing top Quality products with unique Technology and Engineering. All of the Underground Technology® (UT) Products are never the same design, color, or hand made in the same fashion; making each and every one Unique. The company invests so much time and effort in never making the same Product twice, that each backpack made has its own “Underground” Name. The concept behind the Backpacks, is to create a Cool, but Slick way to be seen by other Motorists when you are riding a Motorbike; especially for those Riders who Like to Ride during poor Weather conditions, at Night, or in the Early Morning but hate Careless Drivers. It has 1/2 Mile range, meaning that you will be Seen from a 1/2 mile Away.

The Night Rage Backpack will completely Change the way you Ride, No more Looking Twice on your Rear view mirror Checking for some idiot to slam You from Behind.

Check out our eBay Store:…

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