Great News! Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills Ebola In Two Minutes!
The reason I’m covering this medical technology is because I’m seriously impressed with the concept and the green technology behind it. The Xenex unit generates UV light using xenon — one of the noble gases — rather than toxic mercury. So there’s no toxic mercury to deal with, even when disposing of the equipment after its useful life.

So many of the approaches to disinfection in hospitals today are based on harsh, toxic chemicals that pose a secondary risk to the health of hospital patients and staff. But UV light emitted by the Xenex robot leaves no chemical residue whatsoever and requires no chemical manufacturing plant to manufacture. This is truly “light medicine” because it disinfects using specific frequencies of light.

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  • DAHBOO77 says:

    Great News! Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills #Ebola In Two Minutes!

  • aurthordog says:

    Blacked out screen on youtube here…..but have volume. 2nd time
    today….Both were Ebola news items

  • D Weenie says:

    So you’re telling me I can use a few black lights to protect me from Ebola?

  • Gary shaw says:

    The big pharmaceutical company’s will make more money on vaccines and
    treatments than the cure, like it was rumoured the nazi scientists had the
    cure for cancer but that was patanted and buried as the had more money
    coming in from treatments, big pharma helped sponor operation paperclip
    after ww2,
    Cold fusion energy was buried, the car powered by water or air was
    buried…they will never let the cure out…they the elite nwo don’t care
    about us only to make money out of us….

  • STU STEWART says:

    Uv lights should be in all public restrooms and even restaurant kitchens

  • Xin Zhao says:

    It uses UVC that seems to be 25,000 stronger then the Sun at its current
    distance. Our Ozone completely blocks UVC but its effects are more extreme
    then the skin cancer from UVA & B. I Don’t think it can be used directly on
    a person. All my reading on it says its used to clean and remove rooms and
    water/food etc.. from bacteria or viruses.

  • Steve H says:

    Great news!

  • Shabby Pink says:


  • Karl Johan says:

    “XENEX”… Smells like Big Pharma…

  • joel ventura says:

    Why is this “great news”? uv kills all bacteria. Ebola is fake anyway you

  • kat says:

    Is that the same light people use for tanning beds?

  • Diana Gish says:

    Absurd question, I suppose, but CDC-who anticipates exactly what is needed
    to incubates flu virus for many months before releasing it each year to the
    public and who surely (?) has long-range plans for any sort health crisis;
    i.e., potential pandemics- did not arrange to have these for passengers to
    use when they disembark flights to US (or before passengers board planes in
    West Africa)? What am I missing here?

  • James Eads says:

    Forget Hillarycare get Jesuscare today repent and surrender your life to
    Jesus Christ for salvation today

  • Strange UFO Music says:

    I heard someone suggest this too so I picked up some UV flashlights last

  • 62636263c says:

    We have been using ultraviolet light in the HVAC industry to kill bacteria
    ect, in air ducts for years. It kills the bacteria known to cause
    Legionnaires disease in minutes as well. 

  • Mitjitsu says:

    Create the disease in order to sell the cure. One of the oldest tricks in
    the book, and it’s amazing how many people continually fall for it.

  • N0TS0SUBTLE says:

    The FDA hates MMS bc it works for well… Everything! Look into it.

  • MAXLIBERTY says:

    Can u say Elysium?

  • Tzstep says:

    Let’s assume that this IS correct and UV light DOES kill ebola.

    I can understand how it could kill ebola in a petre dish, but if it has
    infected your body, how can you use UV light to kill it then??
    Once it’s in your bloodstream you’re gonna be on the wrong side of the

  • KraveNPLUR says:

    its a hoax

  • GoneCyco says:

    So does it kill Ebola in a human?

  • emma jones says:

    Great News! Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills Ebola In Two Minutes!

  • Gabe Oitoucher says:

    UV light can harm cells in people and animals. Extended exposure to UV-A
    and UV-B rays, the kind found in sunlight, cause sunburn and even skin
    cancer. Just sayin’.

  • Alabama Bushcraft says:

    This technology was made popular in the survival and prepper world when the
    SteriPen come out for camping. It also uses UV light to kill all the germs
    including Ebola in your bottle of river or puddle water. This is just like
    a huge SteriPen. LOL!!! I know for sure it works because I have used on.
    The only problem with the Xenex robot is it will miss some spots because it
    uses light it can’t wrap around something that is shaped with sides or pole
    shaped like bed rails or anything like that. It would have to be moved
    around the room and up and down which it may do that I just haven’t seen
    anything about it moving. Great video Brother D!

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