Banff Green Technologies, Inc

Banff Green Technologies, Inc.( is a technologically innovative company that focuses on chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, crop science and environmental technology. The company headquarter is based in Shanghai, China. Our research and development team is comprised of a talented and experienced team of PhD’s with strong scientific backgrounds dedicated to our mission. We are also supported by strong infrastructure, which include state of the art lab facilities, two pilot facilities and seven manufacturing sites located in five provinces in China.

Our core businesses span over the following areas: R & D, production and sales of fine and specialty chemicals, contract manufacturing services and custom synthesis.

Our main products are: fluorinated fine chemicals (mainly Diethyl fluoromalonate and 5- fluorine pyrimidine derivatives), chiral compounds (amino acids and their derivatives, in particular
L-2-Aminobutanamide hydrochloride
Diethyl fluoromalonate
Dimethyl fluoromalonate

Our corporate mission is to achieve environmental protection and sustainability while being socially responsible through our research and innovation. We sincerely hope to better serve our customers through every facets of their needs and together we can achieve a more sustainable future.

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