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This literally green technology could completely revolutionize the transportation industry. | For more World’s Strangest, visit

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  • Science Channel says:
  • Zerppy Taco says:

    this is amazing!

  • Ender Legion of Boom says:
  • AceKulpster1988 says:

    Awesome, science!

  • Hunter Wilhelm says:

    Three questions:
    Why was one of the algae bag’s liquid yellow?
    Why did he compare algae farming to traditional farm land when that is not
    where we get our energy? We get it from oil/coal/natural gas.
    What is the water to fuel ratio in this process? For all I know it could
    take a swimming pool of water for one gallon of fuel.

  • DNews says:

    Such a cool idea! 

  • Kyle Suronen says:

    This is the future of energy! We need this now, fUck the Oil companies –
    they better not kill this new discovery just like the electric car when it
    first debuted.

  • Jordan E says:

    Good luck competing with the money hungry oil companies!!! 

  • lidar37 says:

    One of the problems I’ve seen with bio-diesel is that it gels when used in
    higher concentrations (above 5%-10%) in severely cold climates like
    Northern Minnesota, even with additives designed to prevent it from
    gelling. So, does this form of algae-produced bio-diesel have a lower
    gelling temperature than that which is currently in production using corn
    and other plants?

    The other issue with using pure bio-diesel is that some manufacturers state
    that you will void the warranty if you use above a certain percentage of
    bio-diesel. This can make using it a potentially expensive proposition.

    Personally, I’m for using green technologies & fuels as much as possible.
    However, all environments where these can potentially be used must be taken
    into account before we try to switch everything over to this kind of
    technology. So, keep up the good work and please remember that not everyone
    lives in environments where this kind of technology can be used in it
    current form.

    Good Luck!

  • supreme_ deity00 says:

    See we need to know how to control nature more and not destroy it

  • Youniverous says:

    Perfect for the transition period between Gas to Electric transportation on
    a mass scale.

  • Stephen Nielsen says:

    Unfortunately the efficiency of photosynthesis to fuel is fairly low. Much
    more exciting and I believe more promising is materials based artificial
    photosynthesis / fuel catalysis which has already surpassed natural
    photosynthesis efficiency

  • Michael cole says:

    all we need to do bluk it up just think 10 -15 floors and 50 acres = to 500
    acres at ???

  • Robo Robin says:

    if everyone had this in their basement. boom

  • Oldboy Goldy says:

    I’d like a full documentary on this fuel.Everytime i hear bout it, some
    questions remain unanswered.

  • Elie Ayoub says:

    *The gist about Algae fuel*
    Energy density close to diesel, much cleaner, 30 times more efficient than
    any other plant, you can grow it from a single cell then scale up, it grows
    anywhere even using sewage water in the desert, doesn’t need much land, and
    nothing goes to waste.
    So… when?

  • Wyman Woon says:

    It is greener, it is more efficient, it is cheaper and… it is not ready
    to market. :D

  • TruthBegetsHeresy HeresyIsTruth says:

    2 words… Hemp Ethanol…

  • Nicholas J says:

    I live in northern Ohio, Lake Erie is having one of the largest algae
    blooms in recent years caused by fertilizer run off. So can the algae be
    harvested and used as fertilizer? Hey my font??? cat must have walked
    across my keyboard 

  • Shawn Green says:

    Pumping mass quantities of spent algae fumes into the air? This is the same
    as living in a molded house. Does anyone else not see where this is not the
    best idea? Not to mention the amounts produced are not currently practical
    for fuel use. This is right up there with those home made hydrogen cars.
    The materials and large scale production required does not meet consumption
    amounts. Biodiesel still stands as the only realistic replacement for
    current fuels. However realistically we will never get every human to
    switch to diesel motors and deal with the processes involved to turn the
    used cooking greases and oils into fuel. 

  • rajas golwalkar says:
  • Nichen says:

    bio-fuels combined with plug-in hybrids is the future, along with electric
    cars! Airplanes should use Algae-fuels also :)

  • vincent waweru says:

    I live in Kenya, Africa we have a small bio-fuel producing research company
    majorly dealing with algae. I was wondering do you have to add to it more

  • OldBoy says:

    Im on board. Everyone could raise awareness for this. This is the solution
    we’ve been waiting for and such a simple one at that! Nature always
    provides if wed only just pay attention to what its showing us.

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