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Green Solar Technologies is a leading installer of residential and commercial solar electric systems in California. For over 30 years, we have been the partner of choice for residential customers and businesses that are looking for efficient and cost-saving solar solutions. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We have become one of the most trusted installers of custom solar electric systems in the greater Los Angeles area by providing innovative solar products and an unmatched experience to residential and commercial consumers.

As a leader in the development, integration, and financing of solar energy systems, American Solar Solution is dedicated to providing quality and reliable systems to all customers. Growing day by day, Green Solar Technologies continues to strive for excellence to promote the adoption of renewable energy. Our goal is to install 25,000 solar electric systems in the next few years to make renewable energy an everyday reality.

Green Solar Technologies: 1-844-SOL-TECH


  • Nicki Zvik says:

    check out our about us video .
    if you know someone who pays more then $125 on is electric bill please
    refer him to us .

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    *Good Sunday Everyone!*
    *We hope you are having a great weekend with friends and family.*

    We wanted to remind you that you could see all of our videos on the
    benefits of #goingsolar at our +YouTube channel. Don’t forget to
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    Green Solar Technologies Team

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